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Which Microsoft 365 Business Plan Is Right For You? Standard vs Premium

Microsoft 365 Business is a comprehensive solution that includes all the features of Office 365 Business and Windows 10 Enterprise E3. It’s designed for small businesses with up to 300 employees and provides everything you need to get your business up and running. That includes email, calendar, contacts, instant messaging, document collaboration, cloud storage, security features, and more.

What is Business Standard?

Business Standard is perfect for businesses that want to communicate with their customers in new ways. With access to the full suite of Microsoft Office applications, business owners can easily collaborate on projects from anywhere at any time – even if they’re not together physically! Business standard also comes equipped with security and compliance features like encryption so you never have worry about losing sensitive data again.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard is a potential choice for many businesses. However, it’s missing some features that would be truly transformative to your company and can leave you feeling disappointed in what was expected from this product lineup.

What is Business Premium?

If you’ve been thinking about moving your business to the cloud, but are unsure of where to start due lack knowing what service options there might be out their for this type environment then Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan will give everything that’s included in standard Plus some extras. There is comprehensive tooling available both desktop and mobile device management so these changes can help ensure consistency across an entire network while still allowing employees more freedom when they’re on personally owned devices – all without compromising security.

If full control of access rights and conditions is an integral part to your business, then Microsoft 365 Business Premium will be what you need. It includes everything from guest links in file permissions all together with sharing options within OneDrive for people who aren’t employees or customers but just want some occasional use.
You’ll also get additional AIP features such as protected information that can only viewed by approved personnel under certain circumstances.

Comparing the features of Standard and Premium

Small businesses have a variety of options when it comes to choosing a productivity suite. Microsoft 365 Business Premium is one of the most comprehensive suites available, but it can be tricky to decide which features are right for your organization.

Terminl can help you make the decision about which plan is best for you and your business. We offer a range of services that can help with everything from setup and implementation to advanced features like mobile device management (MDM) and conditional access. Contact us today to learn more!

Now let’s compare the features of Standard vs Premium:

  • Standard includes email, calendar, contacts, instant messaging, document collaboration, cloud storage, and security features.
  • Premium adds advanced features like mobile device management (MDM), conditional access, Intune, and more.

Which plan is right for you? That depends on what you need in a productivity suite. If you need basic email and document collaboration tools, Standard might be enough. If you need more advanced features like mobile device management or conditional access, then Premium is the better choice.

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