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ASIC Miner Repair in Montreal

30 day warranty.
Less than 2 weeks of treatment.


Antminer S9/L3
Antminer T15/S15
Antminer T17/S17
Antminer T19/S19/j/i/XP


Innosilicon A4/A4+/A6
Innosilicon T1/T2
Innosilicon T2T
Innosilicon T3/T3+/T3H

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ASIC Miner Repair

Control Board

The control board is the centrepiece of the concert that directs your ASIC. There can be software issues, just as there can be hardware issues. Our team will help you whatever the nature of the problem.

Hash Board

Hash boards are the parts that do the actual work. They are usually the most damaged parts due to the enormous heat stress these components experience at all times of the day. Our talented technicians will solve your problem, whether it’s microcomponents like capacitors, resistors or the ASIC chips themselves.

Power Supply

Obviously, no machine will be able to function without its power supply. The power supply of the latest generation machines also undergo their share of stress with a transformation starting at 3000W.