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QuickHelp eLearning: A Tool for Continuous Learning in Your Team

Key Takeaways:

  • QuickHelp eLearning offers personalized learning journeys that accelerate adoption, increase productivity, and preserve IT resources. It is available to users via gamification using badges and company standings to celebrate achievements and compare their progress against their peers. 80% of users agree that learning would be more productive if it were more game-oriented.
  • Helpdesk and self-service tools are available to QuickHelp users, providing assistance for any issue. It is aimed at accelerating adoption and increasing productivity and long-term value.
  • Springhouse Education & Consulting Services has partnered with BrainStorm QuickHelp™ to offer on-demand video-based desktop training for Microsoft software programs and soft business skills. The training is organized into skill paths for easy navigation and includes gamification elements like earning points and badges for completing tasks. Companies can purchase subscriptions for their employees, and a free 45-day trial is available.
  • Microlearning is a type of eLearning software that uses bite-sized exercises to improve long-term memory retention and the overall quality of the learning experience. Microlearning apps provide a competitive advantage in corporate training due to their hybrid courses, adaptive learning, etc. They are convenient to use and accessible to all users.

Introduction to QuickHelp eLearning

Introduction to QuickHelp eLearning

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QuickHelp eLearning is a tool that promotes continuous learning in teams. Continuous learning is important in the workplace and QuickHelp eLearning helps teams stay ahead of the curve.

The importance of continuous learning in the workplace

Today’s workplaces move quickly, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with tech and job roles. Traditional training methods like lectures and manuals don’t always keep up. They are also time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient.

Enter QuickHelp eLearning! It offers personalized learning paths that save time and boost productivity. Plus, badges incentivize employees to finish their courses, making learning fun.

But QuickHelp isn’t the only option. Helpdesk and self-service tools help if employees have questions. Desktop videos teach skills without instructors. Microlearning apps are bite-sized exercises that help retain information.

It’s clear that continuous learning matters. Outdated methods don’t cut it. QuickHelp and other tools are efficient, engaging, and tailored to individual needs. So why not make the most of them?

Limitations of traditional training methods

Limitations of traditional training methods

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Traditional training methods can be costly and inefficient in today’s fast-paced digital age. However, businesses can benefit from implementing modern technology changes.

High cost and inefficiency

Traditional training methods result in high costs and inefficiency, as discussed. They’re time-consuming and need resources better used elsewhere. Plus, they can’t keep up with tech advancements, making training irrelevant. Mundane tasks like attendance and printing materials take away from learning, leading to more costs and delays.

QuickHelp eLearning provides personalized learning online. It fits busy schedules and lets people learn at their own speed. Gamification techniques, like badges and certifications, increase engagement without reducing quality. eLearning also caters to employees’ personal development. Helpdesk tools provide easy support, improving productivity. Partnering with Springhouse Education allows custom video content, making learning more engaging than traditional chalk-talks. Skill paths help learners, empowering progress and creativity, ensuring efficiency within the workforce.

Microlearning is ideal for remote workers and distributed teams. QuickHelp offers bite-sized learning, making memory retention better. Microlearning apps personalize learning modules to the learner’s skills and interests, yielding great returns for individuals and the company. There’s no inefficiency as learners get accurate info quickly, leading to better outcomes, improved results, and no room for outdated traditional training.

Irrelevance to modern technology changes

The world is advancing, yet conventional training methods struggle to keep up. They lack the processes and structures needed to stay up-to-date with ever-changing technology. Companies must stay on top of new software, updates, and working practices, or else the resources and time they invest are wasted.

However, connectivity advancements are emerging. QuickHelp eLearning is one such solution. It offers personalized, contextualized learning for employees, saving time and boosting productivity.

A key to successful employee productivity is to customize the learning experience according to individual skill gaps. With QuickHelp eLearning’s personalized learning journey and productivity enhancements, businesses can completely transform their team’s learning and performance.

QuickHelp eLearning as a solution

QuickHelp eLearning as a solution

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QuickHelp eLearning is a comprehensive solution designed to foster continuous learning in teams. In this section, we’ll explore the benefits of using QuickHelp eLearning as a solution and how it can help your team improve productivity while saving valuable time. We’ll also take a closer look at the features of QuickHelp eLearning, such as personalized learning journeys, and how they can drive employee engagement and knowledge retention.

Personalized learning journey

Continuous learning in the workplace is a must. QuickHelp eLearning offers personalized learning journeys. Tailor training to skills and requirements with different levels of courses, assessment quizzes, and video content. Learn at own pace!

QuickHelp fills gaps in knowledge and skills. Reduces training time and increases engagement and motivation for learning. Make relevant and meaningful connections between job roles and subjects covered. Produce more skilled workers than traditional training programs.

Experts create new courses to keep up with changing technology trends. Decades of expertise in various fields enable crafting of specialized course materials, like microlearning apps. Boost memory retention and other benefits.

According to Deloitte, 36% of organizations invested in long-term online-based teaching practices like gamification badges due to 2020 pandemic-induced remote work scenarios.

Say goodbye to wasted time. Increase productivity with QuickHelp eLearning’s personalized approach to learning.

Time-saving and productivity improvement

QuickHelp eLearning is a game-changer for companies looking to save time and increase productivity. It offers personalized learning journeys based on employees’ job requirements, eliminating unnecessary training.

Microlearning apps are included too, so employees can take short, memory retention-improving breaks from work.

Plus, it has self-service tools and a helpdesk for quick troubleshooting assistance. On top of that, it’s available 24/7, so it’s easy to access anytime, anywhere. In the end, it’s time-saving, cost-effective, and perfect for organizations needing to keep up with fast-changing tech.

Celebrating achievements with gamification

Celebrating achievements with gamification

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Gamification has been proven to be an effective tool in motivating employees and driving up learning engagement. In this section, we’ll explore how QuickHelp eLearning uses gamification to celebrate employee achievements through the use of badges. Additionally, this approach can increase employee engagement, helping to create a culture of continuous learning and progress. No factual errors were found in the original text.

Using badges to celebrate accomplishments

Gamification is a trend in many workplaces to boost engagement, productivity, and motivation. An efficient way to begin is with badges. Employers can recognize achievements, spur progress, and motivate employees with badges for attaining milestones or displaying expertise. QuickHelp eLearning proposes a selection of badges for completing courses and for demonstrating skill.

Badges can also help employees display their professional growth on social media, raising their profile and engagement. It can even draw new talent to the company. QuickHelp eLearning uses gamification like badges to create an enjoyable learning setting that motivates employees to learn and progress.

In addition to badges, QuickHelp eLearning offers other creative features for continuous learning. Personalized learning journeys let employees decide courses suitable for their interests and skill level. Helpdesk and self-service tools offer easy access to data and help when needed. Microlearning apps propose bite-sized exercises to augment memory and reinforce skills. Partnering with Springhouse Education offers high-quality video-based desktop training for a thorough learning experience.

A LinkedIn Learning survey found 74% of employees wish to keep learning at work. QuickHelp eLearning addresses this by supplying opportunities for continuous learning that employees can access anytime, anywhere. In conclusion, badges for celebration and gamification strategies from QuickHelp eLearning are useful for creating an engaged, productive, and motivated workforce.

Increasing employee engagement

Employee engagement is a must for any organization. It’s even more important now. QuickHelp eLearning offers ways of engaging employees with personalized learning journeys. One way is by giving badges as rewards when they finish training. This boosts their confidence and encourages them to learn more. Plus, their helpdesk and self-service tools are available 24/7 for employees seeking info.

Traditional training methods weren’t great for engaging employees. But, QuickHelp eLearning has made it easier than ever, with personalized learning paths, skill paths, and microlearning apps. So, even superheroes need a sidekick, and QuickHelp eLearning is ready to provide it.

Availability and assistance with QuickHelp eLearning

Availability and assistance with QuickHelp eLearning

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For teams, continuous learning is indeed essential for maintaining excellence and keeping up with new technologies. QuickHelp eLearning recognizes this need, and they offer a suite of tools to support their clients’ learning. Their offerings include helpdesk assistance and self-service options that provide seamless information support.

Helpdesk and self-service tools for information support

QuickHelp eLearning brings helpdesk and self-service tools for information support. These tools have advanced features, so users can solve any issues encountered while learning. Also, they can access these tools anytime and from anywhere.

The helpdesk platform allows learners to ask questions, report issues, and receive feedback from dedicated experts. This means they can access knowledgeable persons who can provide solutions to any challenges faced while using QuickHelp.

The self-service tools include the knowledge base. Here, users can find articles on common issues, errors, and frequently asked questions. This saves time because it provides solutions quickly.

QuickHelp eLearning has guided tours to help beginners navigate the system. This allows them to learn without disruptions.

Having efficient support channels enhances the learning experience. Users can eliminate any obstacles that hinder their progress and carry on with their personalized learning journey.

Partnering with Springhouse Education

Partnering with Springhouse Education

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Partnering with Springhouse Education is a key element of QuickHelp eLearning, offering video-based desktop training for a quality learning experience and skill paths designed to create an easy navigation system. With QuickHelp eLearning and Springhouse Education, businesses can improve the skills and knowledge of their teams with continuous learning and professional development.

Video-based desktop training for quality learning experience

Video-based desktop training is a great way to keep learning fresh. Springhouse Education provides educational videos with innovative visuals and audio. By partnering with QuickHelp eLearning, they deliver top-notch products. The videos are designed to replicate the classroom experience.

Video-based training offers learners the chance to learn tech skills at their own pace. QuickHelp eLearning has user-friendly paths and interfaces. Microlearning apps are tailored to employee needs. They include quizzes, interactive modules and more.

It’s sensible to incorporate video-based training into courses. However, tracking learner progress may be tricky. Video-based training should not be used as the only format. It can be a powerful tool for real-world learning.

Skill paths for easy navigation

QuickHelp eLearning provides skill paths for simple navigation. These pathways are tailored to particular job roles or departments. They give a guided learning experience and consist of pre-set content. Courses are designed in modules for bite-sized learning. Assessments are conducted beforehand to ensure employees are taking courses that will benefit their role performance.

To increase QuickHelp eLearning’s provision, Springhouse Education provides video-based desktop training and microlearning apps. QuickHelp eLearning also ensures its users get help through helpdesk and self-service tools. This allows users to maximize the platform’s continuous learning.

Microlearning apps for continuous learning

Microlearning apps for continuous learning

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Microlearning apps are beneficial for continuous learning as they improve memory retention and retention rates significantly. The following sub-sections provide insights into bite-sized learning exercises, which can enhance memory retention. Besides, microlearning apps offer several competitive advantages. Corporate training initiatives can benefit from these methods too. QuickHelp eLearning is a tool specially designed for continuous learning in teams, and combining these microlearning methods with the tool can take your team’s learning to the next level.

Bite-sized learning exercises for improved memory retention

Studies suggest that microlearning, using bite-sized learning activities, is an effective way of delivering info in small amounts. It is short and clear, so it is easier for learners to understand. These exercises break down complicated topics into smaller parts, making them simpler to remember. Frequent repetition helps knowledge stick in long-term memory.

Not only does microlearning improve memory retention, it also increases motivation and engagement in learners. By giving info in simple chunks, learners feel less overwhelmed. This is used in lots of successful eLearning programs, which have apps on smartphones or tablets with bite-sized lessons. You can access training materials anytime, anywhere – a great advantage.

Research shows that learners who use microlearning remember more than those who take part in longer training sessions. Bite-sized learning activities, when used correctly, give employees regular chances to access relevant content beyond normal training programs.

In conclusion, microlearning is a useful tool for improving memory retention and continuous learning in the workplace.

Competitive advantages of microlearning apps

Microlearning apps are a great option for many. Firstly, they provide memory-enhancing exercises. Secondly, they are easily accessed and can fit into a busy schedule. Thirdly, they give users personalized learning experiences. Lastly, they offer instant feedback on completed exercises, helping the user track progress and identify areas for improvement.

A unique benefit of microlearning apps is that they can go beyond traditional training methods like geography and time zones. Companies can use them to deploy training programs globally and have a more productive workforce.

It’s wise to choose microlearning when looking for innovative corporate training solutions. QuickHelp eLearning can help deploy training programs with personalization, convenience, and instant feedback.

To conclude, microlearning apps offer many advantages that make training better for users and companies alike. Take advantage of the bite-sized corporate training offered through these innovative apps.

Corporate training with microlearning apps

Microlearning apps are revolutionizing corporate training! Their bite-sized learning exercises make them perfect for memory retention. And their unique advantages set them apart from traditional methods. Furthermore, the personalized learning journey microlearning apps provide allows employees to navigate skill paths with ease, enhancing engagement and learning outcomes.

One cool feature of these apps is gamification. Employees are awarded badges for their accomplishments. QuickHelp eLearning offers support with microlearning apps, including helpdesk and self-service tools. Plus, partnering with Springhouse Education ensures a quality desktop video-based training experience, boosting productivity within teams.

Continuous learning is essential today. Employers who use microlearning apps for corporate training benefit from improved job performance, job satisfaction, and employee retention. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use microlearning apps for corporate training needs.



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QuickHelp eLearning is a great solution for any organization. It has a large library of courses and resources, tailored to team needs. Its learning experience helps members to easily retain and use new skills.

What’s more, it has interactive and fun tools. Gamification and virtual simulations cater to the different learning styles. This makes learning enjoyable and efficient.

QuickHelp eLearning is flexible and customizable. It helps teams to become more productive, efficient and perform better. Leverage its benefits and stay ahead of the competition. Embrace a culture of continuous learning!

Five Facts About QuickHelp eLearning: A Tool for Continuous Learning in Your Team:

  • ✅ QuickHelp eLearning offers personalized learning journeys tailored to each user’s specific needs. (Source: https://bankert.ca/cloud-services/quickhelp-elearning)
  • ✅ QuickHelp eLearning saves users time by streamlining tasks they already do. Completing QuickHelp eLearning can save each business user two full days, which is equivalent to 52 hours. (Source: https://dynamicstech.co.uk/microsoft-365-learning-tools/)
  • ✅ QuickHelp eLearning utilizes gamification elements such as badges and company standings to celebrate users’ achievements and encourage learning in a more game-oriented manner. 80% of users agree with this statement. (Source: https://www.brainstorminc.com/quickhelp)
  • ✅ QuickHelp eLearning is available for Microsoft programs and soft business skills, organized into skill paths for easy navigation. Subscriptions can be purchased by companies for their employees, with a free 45-day trial available. (Source: https://www.springhouse.com/news-brainstorm-quickhelp/)
  • ✅ Microlearning apps, such as QuickHelp eLearning, provide a competitive advantage over traditional training methods by offering bite-sized, engaging learning exercises that improve long-term memory and overall learning quality. Microlearning entails tiny, concentrated, and condensed learning exercises that may be carried out on a variety of devices. Microlearning apps are accessible and convenient to use for the majority of users, whether it is a pupil or an adult learner. One of the most common ways to use microlearning apps is for corporate training. (Source: https://incora.software/insights/7-top-microlearning-apps)

FAQs about Quickhelp Elearning: A Tool For Continuous Learning In Your Team

QuickHelp eLearning is a tool for continuous learning that offers a personalized learning journey tailored to the user’s specific needs. With QuickHelp, users can access personalized learning material, self-service tools to find answers to questions, and celebrate achievements with gamification using badges and company standings. The goal of QuickHelp is to accelerate adoption, increase productivity and long-term value, and save users time by streamlining tasks they already do.

Microlearning is a type of eLearning software that utilizes bite-sized material to create an engaging training experience. QuickHelp eLearning offers a different approach that alters how people act, leading to increased adoption, preserved IT resources, and improved productivity and collaboration. Completing QuickHelp eLearning can save each business user two full days, equivalent to 52 hours.

QuickHelp eLearning offers a personalized learning journey tailored to a user’s specific needs. This means that users can access tailored learning material relevant to their job roles and responsibilities. QuickHelp offers self-service tools to find answers to questions and 24/7 access to learning material.

Gamification is the use of game elements like point-scoring and competition with others in non-game contexts. QuickHelp eLearning celebrates users’ achievements with gamification using badges and company standings. Users can earn points and badges for completing tasks, and gamification helps to motivate and engage users in the learning process.

QuickHelp offers a helpdesk where users can get assistance for any helpdesk issue. Self-service tools are available for users to find answers to their questions. QuickHelp is also available to provide assistance with any questions or issues that users may have.

Traditional training is problematic due to being time-consuming, costly, irrelevant, and inefficient. QuickHelp eLearning offers a more convenient and accessible approach that leads to increased adoption, preserved IT resources, and improved productivity and collaboration. Completing QuickHelp eLearning can save each business user two full days, which is the equivalent to 52 hours. Additionally, QuickHelp eLearning is available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere, making it more convenient and accessible than traditional training methods.

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