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QuickBooks Online: A Must-Have Tool for Business Accounting

Key Takeaways:

  • QuickBooks Online is a highly rated accounting software for small businesses with an editor’s score of 9.5/10.
  • QuickBooks Online Accountant offers special tools for accountants to review client accounts and make adjusting journal entries, reclassify transactions, start new tax returns, write off bad invoices, reset reconciliations, and set default date ranges and filters for financial reports.
  • These tools are only available to accountants who use QuickBooks Online Accountant.
  • QuickBooks Online offers affordable pricing with plans ranging from $15 to $100 per month, with a separate Self-Employed plan starting at $7.50 per month.
  • The mobile app is required for receipt capture, mileage tracking, and mobile signatures and is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices with a data plan. Not all features are available on the mobile apps and mobile browser, and mobile access is included with a subscription at no additional cost.
  • QuickBooks Online is considered the best overall small business accounting software for 2023, but other options like Sage Accounting may be better for those on a tight budget.
  • New customers can take advantage of a 50% discount for three months if they opt out of the 30-day free trial and a one-time virtual session with a QuickBooks expert for guided setup.
  • QuickBooks also offers an Accurate Books Guarantee and tax penalty protection for certain plans.
  • It is important to review the terms, conditions, pricing, special features, and service and support options before choosing QuickBooks Online for business accounting.

QuickBooks Online Accountant

QuickBooks Online Accountant

Photo Credits: Terminl.Ca by Matthew Lee

Looking for a comprehensive accounting tool to streamline your business finances? Consider using QuickBooks Online Accountant. This software offers a range of features to help you manage your accounts with ease, from reporting and management tools to tax preparation and client account adjustments. QuickBooks Online Accountant is a reliable solution for businesses looking to streamline their accounting processes.

Prep for taxes: Review and adjust client accounts

QuickBooks Online Accountant offers a great feature for tax season. This allows you to check and adjust client accounts before taxes are due. Reclassify transactions, write off bad debts, undo reconciliations, and use reporting tools. Plus, ProConnect Tax Online makes filing tax returns easier. Customizable invoicing and Intuit’s professional bookkeepers help with accounting tasks. The QuickBooks Mobile App captures receipts and tracks mileage while on-the-go. It works with various devices and data plans.

In conclusion, QuickBooks Online is a good choice for small businesses. Although it has limited users per plan, it’s competitively priced. Freshbooks, Wave, and Zoho Books are alternative options. Get advice on these from Quickbooks experts with Live Bookkeeping Guided Setup service sessions. Rules are subject to change without notice.

Reclassify transactions: Edit or move multiple transactions

Reclassifying transactions has always been a pain. But with QuickBooks Online Accountant, it’s a breeze! Just go to the “Accounting” menu and click “Chart of Accounts.” Locate the account that contains the transactions you’d like to edit or move. Then, select the transaction tab and hover over it until you see “Batch Actions.” Click “reclassify” to make multiple changes at once.

A pop-up window will appear with options to assign new accounts or create future rules. Click “save” when you’re done. If something goes wrong, no worries! QuickBooks Online Accountant offers an undo feature.

In a few easy steps, you can save time and avoid manual errors. Leave the tax headache to QuickBooks Online and ProConnect Tax Online for seamless tax returns.

ProConnect Tax Online: Start new tax returns for clients

Are you an accountant or bookkeeper? If so, you’re likely familiar with Intuit’s ProConnect Tax Online. It’s a tax prep platform designed to make starting new tax returns for clients easier. Here’s a 5-step guide to using it:

  1. Log in to QuickBooks Online Accountant.
  2. Select the client.
  3. Click ‘ProConnect Tax’ on the main menu.
  4. Choose ‘Start new return’.
  5. Enter the info based on the prompts.

ProConnect Tax Online is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. You may need to meet criteria before you can use it. Check with your clients ahead of time for access credentials, especially if they used another service.

In conclusion, ProConnect Tax Online makes starting new tax returns for clients simple. And if you want to simplify more accounting tasks, try QuickBooks Online’s write-off feature.

Write off invoices: Cancel and zero-out bad invoices

When it comes to business accounting, invoices are a must-do task. But sometimes, clients can’t pay them off. These invoices become bad debts. QuickBooks Online Accountant has a “Write off invoices” feature. Here’s a 4-step guide:

  1. Check if you have permission from the client to write off bad debts.
  2. Go to “Customers” from the left menu and select the customer/transaction.
  3. Create a “credit note” with the amount of the invoice. Use the same “Tax code” that was used when creating the invoice.
  4. This will automatically record an adjustment journal entry in the accounts receivable account.

It’s important to be careful when deciding to write off bad debts. It affects finances and statements. QuickBooks Online: A Must-Have Tool for Business Accounting has a pricing plan that includes free help from professional accountants. This way, businesses don’t miss any important financial implications.

Pro Tip: Writing off bad debts is tempting but should only be done in specific circumstances. Use cash-basis Bookkeeping or it could distort expense reporting. Especially if uncollectible debt goes up.

Undo reconciliations: Reset a reconciliation and start over fresh

Undoing reconciliations can be necessary at times. QuickBooks Online has a simple way to start again with a clean slate. This is helpful when accounts need adjusting or the first reconciliation was done wrong.

To undo reconciliations on QuickBooks Online:

  1. Pick the account from ‘Chart of Accounts’ tab.
  2. Choose ‘View Register’ from the ‘Action’ dropdown menu on the right of the screen.
  3. Uncheck each transaction in the ‘R’ column.
  4. Double check all transactions are unchecked. Go to ‘Reconciliation History’ from the same Action dropdown menu.
  5. Select ‘Undo’ for any reconciliations done previously.

It’s important to remember undoing past reconciliations will delete any changes made during their previous existence. It’s wise to understand best practices before making these changes.

QuickBooks Online also offers features like client account adjustments, reclassifying transactions, personalized invoices & forms, mobile app, receipt capture, mileage tracking, bookkeeping setup for new subscribers, and more.

Although QuickBooks Online has lots of great tools, some drawbacks are high prices for plans above entry-level and user limits per plan- not enough for larger companies.

Get the numbers without the hassle – QuickBooks Online’s reporting tools make it easy.

Reporting tools: Set default date ranges and filters for financial reports

Financial reporting is key to managing a company’s financial performance. QuickBooks Online has an efficient tool for this. Users can generate customized reports quickly and accurately. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Reports menu on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. Choose the type of report from “Standard” or “Management Reports”.
  3. Click “Customize” in the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Use the “Filter” tab to narrow down search results based on transaction type, amount, date range, etc.
  5. Use the “Header/Footer” tab to add headers and footers, titles, font size, format style, etc.
  6. Set up default dates for future reference.

QuickBooks Online also lets you customize reports according to your business needs. But, remember that reporting tools are only one aspect of managing finances. It’s important to update books, track expenses, pay attention to tax deadlines, and communicate with bookkeepers/accountants. Doing so will ensure the financial health of your business.

Management reports: Create personalized and professionally-branded report packs

Management reports are essential for any business. QuickBooks Online Accountant makes it easy to create personalized, professional-looking report packs. Date ranges and filters can be set as defaults, saving time. Customized, branded report packages are available, which reflect the business’s graphics and design standards. Reports are easily shared using a link.

QuickBooks Online has affordable plans from $15 – $100/month. Annual subscriptions save even more! QuickBooks provides an affordable, user-friendly solution for managing business reports.

QuickBooks Online Pricing and Features

QuickBooks Online Pricing and Features

Photo Credits: Terminl.Ca by Arthur Lewis

QuickBooks Online offers affordable plans to meet the accounting needs of businesses, including separate plans for self-employed individuals and customized invoices and forms. Intuit provides professional bookkeeping assistance, making QuickBooks Online a valuable accounting tool for businesses of all sizes.

Affordable plans ranging from $15 to $100 per month

QuickBooks Online has an array of pricing plans. Prices start from $15 and can go up to $100 per month. The plans vary in features – invoicing, expense tracking, inventory management etc. For those working on their own, there are special plans – starting at only $7.50 per month. So, QuickBooks Online has something for everyone – regardless of budget or needs!

Separate self-employed plan starting at $7.50 per month

QuickBooks Online offers a self-employed plan, starting at $7.50/month. This plan includes mileage tracking, receipt management, invoicing capabilities with payment acceptance. Plus, the ability to separate business & personal expenses and maximize tax deductions.

This plan is only for one user – no extra accounting tools. Bigger businesses need more advanced financial management.

QuickBooks Online provides custom invoices and forms. For self-employed individuals who want an easy & affordable solution, this plan could be perfect.

Custom invoices and forms

Businesses often need custom invoices and forms. QuickBooks Online provides a convenient solution. It has a wide range of templates and design features. Users can design professional-looking invoices without needing technical knowledge. This is the first of its three main features.

QuickBooks Online allows for easy branding. Users can add their logo and other company-specific elements to invoices. This helps create a business image. The personalization feature includes customizable fields such as order numbers, payment terms, and product descriptions.

The automated reminder feature gives businesses timely payment updates and clients with overdue payment reminders. Users can customize messages sent to customers based on preferences. It’s a useful tool for businesses that want to focus on core activities.

QuickBooks Online offers customization features in all pricing plans. Starting from the Simple Start Plan ($25/month) to the Advanced Plan ($180/month). QuickBooks Online has multiple pricing plans with many features for businesses of different sizes.

Intuit’s professional bookkeepers assistance

Intuit offers various support services to help businesses run their finances smoothly. Through QuickBooks Online, customers gain access to experienced experts in accounting software. They can assist with setting up accounts, organizing financial data, reconciling bank statements, and filing taxes.

QuickBooks Online also has powerful reporting tools for users to analyze financial data and make informed decisions. Intuit’s professional bookkeeping assistance stands out by being scalable, no matter the size of your business.

Intuit’s professional bookkeeping assistance is ideal for businesses looking to streamline their accounting processes. It offers expert guidance, powerful reporting tools, and a mobile app for tracking expenses on-the-go. Perfect for small startups or large corporations!

QuickBooks Mobile App and Additional Features

QuickBooks Mobile App and Additional Features

Photo Credits: Terminl.Ca by John Torres

QuickBooks Mobile App and Additional Features is a useful tool for managing business finances. It offers features for productivity and ease of use, beyond just accounting. This section will explore various sub-sections, including receipt capture, mileage tracking, and mobile signatures. It is compatible with multiple devices and offers various data plans. QuickBooks Payments account is available to eligible users along with accountant and billable user connections.

Receipt capture, mileage tracking, and mobile signatures

QuickBooks Online is the perfect tool for streamlining business operations and accounting tasks. It offers receipt capture, mileage tracking, and mobile signatures.

With the QuickBooks Mobile App, take a photo of your business receipts with your phone or tablet to track expenses. This will save time and money by automating data entry. You can also use the GPS-enabled mileage tracking to easily categorize trips as business or personal. The mobile signatures feature lets you get signatures from customers on their phones, tablets, or computers.

These features integrate seamlessly with each other and with other online processes. For example, take a picture of a receipt and it will sync up with the expense account in your books. This is why QuickBooks Online Mobile App was rated #1 by Forbes. Stay connected to your finances on-the-go with this app, no matter your device or data plan.

Compatibility with various devices and data plan requirements

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based software, letting users store and access financial data easily. But, it requires a reliable internet connection to work properly. This is because data usage depends on the number of transactions and time spent using the software. It is compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android.

When using different devices, compatibility may vary. E.g. modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge are needed for desktops and laptops. For tablets and mobiles, iOS 12.0 or later is required, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later for Android tablets and smartphones.

Furthermore, users must check their device data plans. This is because extra charges may apply while using mobile features such as mileage tracking or receipt capture. To avoid any issues, it is important to understand the data plan and compatibility with devices before using QuickBooks Online.

Accountant and billable user connections

QuickBooks Online offers wonderful options for businesses who need an accounting software that fits their budget. Accountants and bookkeepers can be given access with either read-only or full access to the company’s financial information. This enables efficient collaboration while keeping sensitive info secure. Also, employees or contractors can be added to the account to track time and expenses, making invoicing and payment tracking easier. Access can be personalized according to the company’s needs and permissions can be set for certain users, limiting their view into some areas of the business. The mobile app facilitates communication between team members and professionals, with real-time financial data available from anywhere.

This makes it simpler for businesses to work with professionals like accountants or bookkeepers yet still protect their financial data. Not to mention, QuickBooks Online has been highly praised by industry experts, earning the title of best overall small business accounting software by The Balance Small Business. Plus, new monthly subscribers get a discount that includes a free guided session with expert accountants for a smooth setup and fewer errors. Plus, QuickBooks Payments makes transactions management effortless.

Finally, QuickBooks Online’s customizable invoices, inventory management tools, and reasonable pricing make it a great tool for tracking financial records. With accountant and billable user connections, businesses can track their finances with ease and peace of mind.

QuickBooks Payments account eligibility criteria, credit, and application approval

To use QuickBooks Payments, your business must be US-based with a valid Tax ID number and an active bank account. Plus, it cannot operate in any prohibited industries. To be approved, a credit check and application approval are necessary.

The review process takes into account your credit history, cash flow stability, and other relevant factors. If approved, you may have limitations in terms of transaction size or volume.

Qualified customers may access additional features after meeting payment plan requirements set by Topnotch Accounts Solutions LLC on behalf of Intuit.

Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Photo Credits: Terminl.Ca by Gerald Green

Small businesses have unique accounting needs that require a tailored solution. In this section, we’ll explore the top accounting software options for small businesses. From Quickbooks Online as the best overall small business accounting software to Zoho Books as a good accounting software option for beginners, we’ll dive into the features and benefits of each option to help you make an informed decision.

QuickBooks Online as the best overall small business accounting software

QuickBooks Online is famously the best small business accounting software. It offers a range of solutions for companies of all sizes and kinds. Plans cost from $25 to $150 a month, so it’s easy to customize for your needs.

Its features include record-keeping, inventory control and reporting tools for real-time info. There are also mobile apps with receipt capture, mileage tracking and mobile signatures.

Plus, collaboration with accountants and bookkeepers is a breeze. The user-friendly interface is just right for small businesses with no dedicated accounting staff.

And the customer support is second to none. There are webinars and online courses, so you can get the most out of the software.

In short, QuickBooks Online is ideal for small business owners who need help with accounting and financial management. Its functionality, ease of use and great customer service make it the top choice.

FreshBooks as the best accounting software for customer support

FreshBooks is well known for its customer support, especially for small business owners. Support services are available through phone, email, or chat with a dedicated team that attends to customer queries and complaints fast. Their Help Center is a great resource for customers; it has tutorials, articles, and webinars to help with tasks. Plus, FreshBooks’ onboarding tools are ideal for guiding newcomers.

Their services don’t just stop at support. Invoicing, time tracking, and expense management are also available. Intuitive interface and great customer service make accounting effortless. In case of any issues, tutorials are ready on the website. You can even book an appointment with a pro. With FreshBooks, small business owners can enjoy easy accounting and amazing customer service.

Wave as the best free accounting software

Wave is renowned as one of the finest free accounting software packages. It offers businesses a range of features, such as income/expense tracking, invoicing, estimates, receipt scanning and payroll processing. Plus, its secure platform gives small businesses control over banking/ cash flow.

Plus, Wave’s reporting tools allow business owners to get insights from financial data and carry out analysis for improved performance. The automated bookkeeping tasks, such as bank reconciliation, also help to reduce manual errors.

However, while Wave provides many great features for free, other paid options may offer more advanced capabilities. If you need a business accounting tutorial partner, consider Zoho Books, which has a lot of great options to upgrade your financial management.

Zoho Books as the best accounting software for beginners

Zoho Books is great for beginner accountants! It’s cloud-based, so access is easy. Plus, it has a user-friendly interface. Customize your dashboard and quickly get to financial info. Invoices are simple with automated payment reminders.

Teaming up with others is easy. And financial reports help make smart decisions. Plus, it integrates with payment gateways and more. So it’s one-stop shopping for accounting needs.

Onboarding is simple with Zoho Books. And customer support is excellent. Prices start at only $9/month. Perfect for businesses on a budget.

QuickBooks Online is powerful, but may not be suitable for some businesses. It may have limited users and a steep learning curve.

Pros and Cons of QuickBooks Online

Pros and Cons of QuickBooks Online

Photo Credits: Terminl.Ca by Harold Green

QuickBooks Online is a popular tool for managing business accounting. It has robust functionality, record-keeping features, and can handle inventory management. However, it may not be suitable for every business. Some of the potential downsides include expensive monthly plans and a limited number of users per plan. There may also be a learning curve for those unfamiliar with the software.

Pros: Robust functionality, record-keeping, and inventory management

Businesses in need of an accounting solution can stop searching. QuickBooks Online is renowned for its features, record-keeping, and inventory management tools. It offers businesses extensive functions from invoicing and billing to payroll processing, expenses management, and finance report generation. This allows businesses to manage their daily activities easily and efficiently.

QuickBooks Online is well-known for its powerful record-keeping tools. Businesses can track financial data and gain insights into their operations. This makes it easy to analyze the money flow of their businesses.

It also has inventory management tools that give real-time data updates on stock availability. Plus, its cloud-based system offers global access from any device.

QuickBooks Online saves businesses time by simplifying tasks like recording transactions. It’s an industry-standard tool at an affordable price. Business owners can save time with its user interface, services, and tools.

In conclusion, QuickBooks Online helps strengthen financial workflow and improves efficiency.

Cons: Expensive monthly plans, limited users per plan, and a learning curve

QuickBooks Online is a popular accounting platform for small businesses to simplify their financial tasks. But, customers must be aware of its limits. For instance, the high cost of each plan. Plus, limits on the number of users.

However, this can be seen positively too. Limiting access to key team members ensures better control over data. As users get to know the advanced features, it saves time and simplifies operations in the long run.

Despite pricey monthly fees and a learning curve, QuickBooks Online remains one of the best choices. It offers long-term gains in efficiency that outweigh initial costs. Plus, you can get discounts and expert assistance with its live bookkeeping guided setup.

In conclusion, QuickBooks Online is great for small businesses. However, there are drawbacks like expensive fees, limited users, and a learning curve.

QuickBooks Online Discount Offer Terms and Live Bookkeeping Guided Setup

QuickBooks Online Discount Offer Terms and Live Bookkeeping Guided Setup

Photo Credits: Terminl.Ca by Gregory King

Get a discount on QuickBooks Online and set up your business accounting like a pro! New customers can make use of the discount offer terms and get a discounted price for the first three months of service. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of a live bookkeeping guided setup with a one-time virtual session with a QuickBooks expert. Get started with QuickBooks Online today and streamline your business finances like never before.

Discount offer terms: Applies to first 3 months of service for new customers

QuickBooks Online has a promotion going on for new customers. Get a discount for three months of service! It’s a great chance to make use of the platform’s amazing features, such as financial reporting tools, management reports, invoice write-offs, and undo reconciliation features.

This promotion is only for new subscribers. Not current users. QuickBooks’ pricing fluctuates based on usage and client size. After three months, a minimum of $15 per month, plus taxes, will be charged.

Subscription-based services, like QuickBooks, have various pricing options. Business entrepreneurs can adjust budgets as needs change or staff grows. If you’re a new customer taking advantage of QuickBooks’ discount offer, explore the platform’s advantages and improve your financial management. Have fun!

Live bookkeeping guided setup: One-time virtual session with QuickBooks expert for new monthly subscribers

QuickBooks Online is awesome for small businesses who need a dependable & efficient accounting software. New subscribers can take advantage of the ‘Live Bookkeeping Guided Setup’ feature. This is a one-time virtual meeting with a QuickBooks advisor. They’ll explain the platform’s features & help set up their accounts.

Follow a few steps to access this service. First, sign up for any of the QuickBooks Online monthly subscription plans. Then, easily arrange a virtual session with a live bookkeeper. During the meeting, you’ll get instructions on how to use QuickBooks Online & set up your account.

This service is only for new subscribers using Plus, Advanced, or Essentials monthly plans. Plus, QuickBooks Mobile App users can access extra tools like receipt capture, mileage tracking & mobile signatures.

Industry experts & publications like PCMag & Investopedia have rated QuickBooks Online as the best overall small business accounting software. So, if you’re searching for an accounting software for your small business, QuickBooks Online is a trustworthy choice.

QuickBooks Terms, Conditions, Pricing, Special Features, and Service and Support Options

QuickBooks Terms, Conditions, Pricing, Special Features, and Service and Support Options

Photo Credits: Terminl.Ca by Michael Allen

If you’re considering QuickBooks Online for your business accounting needs, it’s important to be aware of the terms, conditions, pricing, special features, service, and support options that come with it. While these elements are subject to change, taking the time to understand them can help you make an informed decision about whether QuickBooks Online is the right tool for you.

Subject to change without notice.

QuickBooks Online may change its terms, conditions, pricing, special features, and service and support options without prior notice. Users must be aware of such modifications. It is essential to remain up-to-date with changes that could affect them.

Any subscription plan offered can be altered at any time. Newer versions may offer mobile-friendly design options or tax-filing assistance tools. However, older ones might be phased out or feature sets modified. Businesses must be mindful of these changes and stay informed promptly.

Plus, each update impacts services such as accounting assistance and data handling features including receipt capture. It is crucial to take note of new terms and how it affects an enterprise account.

Users of QuickBooks Online must remember that they are signing up for unique details within each subscription offer. Thus, they must read through all terms and conditions presented. These updates help transition across product offerings while providing coverage for existing customers.

Experts label QuickBooks Online as the best overall small business accounting software (according to an article titled ‘Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses’). This highlights how valuable this platform can be for those managing organizational finance.

Seven Facts About QuickBooks Online: A Must-Have Tool for Business Accounting

  • ✅ QuickBooks Online is a highly rated accounting software for small businesses with an editor’s score of 9.5/10. (Source: businessnewsdaily.com)
  • ✅ QuickBooks Online offers affordable pricing, with plans ranging from $15 to $100 per month, and a separate Self-Employed plan starting at $7.50 per month. (Source: businessnewsdaily.com)
  • ✅ QuickBooks Online allows for custom invoices and forms to maintain branding consistency in client communications. (Source: businessnewsdaily.com)
  • ✅ QuickBooks Online offers special tools for accountants, which are only available to accountants who use QuickBooks Online Accountant. (Source: quickbooks.intuit.com)
  • ✅ These tools make reviewing client accounts more efficient and allow for more work to be done in less time. They include Prep for taxes, Reclassify transactions, ProConnect Tax Online, Write off invoices, Undo reconciliations, Reporting tools, and Management reports. (Source: quickbooks.intuit.com)
  • ✅ QuickBooks Online offers a discount of 50% for three months for new customers who opt into their deal, but this offer is only available if they skip the 30-day free trial. (Source: businessnewsdaily.com)
  • ✅ QuickBooks Online mobile app is required for receipt capture, mileage tracking, and mobile signatures, and these features are not available on all devices. (Source: quickbooks.intuit.com)

FAQs about Quickbooks Online: A Must-Have Tool For Business Accounting

What is QuickBooks Online and why is it beneficial for small businesses?

QuickBooks Online is a highly rated accounting software for small businesses with an editor’s score of 9.5/10. It offers affordable pricing with plans ranging from $15 to $100 per month, with a separate Self-Employed plan starting at $7.50 per month. QuickBooks Online Accountant offers special tools for accountants, but these tools are only available to accountants who use QuickBooks Online Accountant. The tools make reviewing client accounts more efficient and allow for more work to be done in less time. The accountant tools include: Prep for taxes, Reclassify transactions, ProConnect Tax Online, Write off invoices, Undo

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