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How to Detect If Someone Is Using an AirTag to Spy on You

The Apple AirTag has been a great way to help you find your stuff, but recently there have been several reports about people using them in harmful ways. Now that they’re aware of this issue and want to protect their customers from stalkers or thieves who might use the device for tracking purposes; Apple announced “proactive” features which will alert users upon detection so we can take action immediately before any issues arise! In order learn more regarding what these changes mean on how preventing unwanted surveillance could affect our daily lives – read below.

What is an AirTag and how does it work

An AirTag is a small, keychain-sized device that uses Apple’s Find My network to help you track down and find your lost belongings. To use an AirTag, you’ll need an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14.5 or later. Once you have that, simply attach the AirTag to anything you want to keep track of—a set of keys, a backpack, a purse—and then use the Find My app to keep tabs on it. If your AirTag gets lost, someone else with an iPhone can discover it by scanning for Bluetooth devices in the vicinity with their iPhone’s Find My app open. Once the AirTag is found, it will emit a sound (if it’s within range), and you’ll get a notification on your iPhone with its current location so you can go retrieve it. You can also add additional information to your AirTag, like a phone number or email address, so whoever finds it can contact you directly. Lastly, if your AirTag isn’t near any known Apple devices—say, it fell out of your pocket in a taxi—it will anonymously relay its location to Apple’s secure servers and be recorded in the “lost mode” database. The next time another Apple device (like an iPhone or iPad) comes within range of your lost AirTag, its owner will get an alert with your contact information and the tag’s current location. And if you’re worried about someone maliciously attaching an Air Tag to your belongings without your knowledge, don’t worry—there’s a built-in feature that causes an Air Tag to play a loud noise if it’s been away from its owner for more than three days, as well as indicating when the battery is running low.

How to know if someone is tracking you with an AirTag

AirTags are small, discreet trackers that can be placed on just about any object. While they’re designed to help you keep track of your belongings, they can also be used to track people without their knowledge. If you think you may be being tracked with an AirTag, there are a few things you can do to check. First, check your iPhone for any notifications from the Find My app. If you see a notification that says “AirTag Found Moving With You,” it’s likely that someone has attached an AirTag to your bag or clothing. If you find an AirTag attached to your belongings or notice that one is following you, you can Disable AirTag to prevent others from tracking your movement. You can also leverage the built-in security features of Find My to disable the tracker or send a notification to the person who placed it on you. By taking these steps, you can protect yourself from being tracked without your knowledge or consent.

What to do if you think someone is tracking you with an AirTag

If you think someone has attached an AirTag to you to track you, there are a few steps you can take. First, check to see if there is an AirTag attached to your belongings. If you find one, you can disable it by following the instructions in the Apple Support article “AirTag Found Moving With You.” If you think someone is following you with an AirTag, you can also contact Apple Support for help with removing an AirTag or putting it into Lost Mode. Finally, Apple says that it has already started working with law enforcement to provide information for AirTag-related cases, so do advise your local authorities if you have a decent suspicion of being followed with a found AirTag.


While AirTags are not a new technology, their use for tracking people is on the rise. If you are worried that someone may be tracking you with an AirTag, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself. First, be aware of what an AirTag looks like and how it works. Second, if you see an AirTag near you or suspect that someone is tracking you with one, do not try to remove it yourself. Third, report any sightings or concerns to your local law enforcement agency. Finally, keep up to date on the latest security news so that you can stay ahead of potential threats.

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